Sweden’s CEOs see wages swell

Sweden's top bosses saw their pay packets swell by 13 percent last year, according to a new survey by Svenska Dagbladet.

The average CEO of a company listed on the Stockholm Stock Exchange had a wage of 3.4 million kronor, including bonus. The difference between the top-paid and worst-paid bosses has widened.

The top-earning CEO was Hans-Holger Albrecht of MTG, who took home 25 million kronor, but his wage was below that of former AstraZeneca boss, Sir Tom McKillop, who took home 31 million kronor in 2005.

Two out of three CEOs were paid bonuses, which comprised an average 29 percent of their total wage packets.

The thirteen percent rise experienced by bosses dwarfed increases in overall wages. The average wage in Sweden increased by only 3 percent in 2006.