HIV man ‘kept catalogue of sex with teens’

The HIV-positive British man charged with having sex with scores of underage girls kept a careful list of his victims, cataloguing their ages, addresses and even their leisure interests and boyfriends.

The man, Christer Merrill Aggett, 32, called himself Christer in contact with the girls, but is otherwise known as Merrill, according to Swedish tabloid Aftonbladet.

The paper reports that Aggett’s list of the contacts he made on just one website,, contains the names of 241 girls. He is also believed to have visited a number of other websites to make contact with teenage girls. Aftonbladet says it was shown the material by somebody close to the investigation.

Other evidence collected by police reportedly includes pornographic photos in which Aggett is having unprotected sex with girls in their early teens. He also saved most of the internet chat conversations with the girls.

Aggett allegedly lied about his age, saying sometimes that he was 18, and on other occasions that he was 20 or 22. During the period in question he was in fact between 28 and 32.

In his catalogue of contact with the girls, Aggett makes comments about his liaisons with them, speculating in several cases that particular girls would make regular sex partners for him.

Two girls with whom Aggett had sex have since been diagnosed as HIV positive.