Storms expected to break warm spell

Heavy thunder storms are forecast to strike many parts of Sweden on Monday night, after several days of temperatures in the twenties celsius.

Northern and central areas will be most affected, with Dalarna, northern Värmland, Hälsingland, Gästrikland and northern Uppland expected to bear the brunt of the storms.

“There is a risk of heavy thunder storms. Heavy rainfall and heavy gusts can also be expected in some localities,” said Isagel Cedefamn of Swedish meteorological service SMHI.

Cedefamn advised people living in affected areas to avoid going outdoors and not to stand under trees during the storms.

“Removing cables to TV sets, computers and the like can prevent them being destroyed if something happens,” Cedefamn said.

SMHI predicts that southern Sweden will remain warm for a few more days. Northern Sweden will see temperatures fall and the weather become more unsettled. Showers will spread to the rest of the country towards the end of the week.

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