Knutby pastor ready to remarry

Helge Fossmo, the pastor sentenced to life imprisonment for inciting his nanny to murder his wife, is soon to remarry. The pastor and his fiancée have been given the go-ahead for their wedding plans after the tax authorities ruled that there were no impediments to their marriage.

Fossmo has told Norwegian newspaper Dagbladet that he and his fiancée came into contact after becoming pen-friends.

Fossmo was a pastor in the now-notorious evangelical sect in Knutby, near Uppsala. As well as convicted of incitement to the murder of his second wife, he was also convicted on two counts of incitement to attempted murder. He sent text messages to nanny Sara Svensson, in which ‘God’ told her to kill Fossmo’s wife and neighbour.

The pastor’s first wife was found dead in the bath in 1999. The death was investigated by police after the murder of his second wife, but Fossmo was cleared of any wrongdoing in that case.

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