Man’s ‘ice cream’ was dildo

Sweden's current summer weather means that it is not an unusual sight to see people eating ice creams in the sun. But one man in Linköping seems to have taken to another kind of refreshment.

Joanna Nordlander was walking through the centre of the town, 200 kilometres south-west of Stockholm, when she saw the man on his bicycle. What at first sight appeared to be an ice cream turned out on closer inspection to be a pink dildo.

“I initially thought it was an ice cream,” Nordlander told The Local.

“He was looking straight at me. When I saw what he had in his mouth I was speechless,” she said.

Nordlander said that the man looked to be between 40 and 45, was bald and wearing sunglasses. She reported the incident to the police.

“I’m not so bothered by this kind of thing, but it would be different if there were children around. You don’t know whether he might be dangerous,” Nordlander, who is an assistant in the police’s information department, told The Local.

Police sent a patrol to look for the man, but did not find him. Nordlander says that friends of hers have previously seen a man matching his description cycling around the same area of the town wearing nothing but a g-string.