Danielsson criticizes Catastrophe Commission

On Thursday afternoon Sweden's Catastrophe Commission is to present its second set of findings with regard to the government's handling of the tsunami catastrophe in December 2004.

Ahead of the presentation, former state secretary Lars Danielsson has elected to go public with his criticism of the Commission.

Writing in Dagens Nyheter, Danielsson expresses the view that the Catastrophe Commission has deliberately leaked information to the media with a view to damaging his reputation.

He also feels that the Commission has focused too little on analysis and ways to make improvements.

For its work the Commission has had access to 119 tapes found in a locked cabinet in the basement of government offices in late 2006.

The tapes include logs of who entered government offices, as well as e-mail, fax and telephone traffic from December 20th 2004 to January 19th 2005.

The government made a decision in January that the Commission should resume its investigation of the tsunami tapes.