Opposition ‘leads by 15 points’

The opposition parties have a lead over the government of nearly 15 percentage points, according to a new opinion poll published on Thursday.

The poll, taken by Statistics Sweden between 2nd and 28th May, shows the Social Democrats, Greens and Left Party enjoying the support of 55.4 percent of respondents, against 40.6 percent for the governing Alliance for Sweden, composed of the Moderate Party, Liberal Party, Centre Party and Christian Democratic Party.

The opposition has thereby increased its share of support by 4.1 percentage points since November and by 9.1 points since the election.

All four governing parties saw their share of support fall since the last Statistics Sweden poll in November. The only party to increase its support is the Social Democrats, which was us 4.6 points to 45 percent.

The poll was carried out by telephone interviews with 9,426 voters selected by random sample.

The survey gives a very different picture to that portrayed by some other polls. A more recent Demoskop poll, which was carried out in June, also gave the opposition a lead, but only of 2.3 percentage points.