Water-squirter suspected of criminal offence

A public prosecutor has said that Hanna Wilenius from television production company Strix is suspected of having committed a criminal offence when she squirted water at Prime Minister Fredrik Reinfeldt.

The attack happened in May as Reinfeldt arrived with his two sons at the Rigoletto Cinema in central Stockholm for the Swedish premiere of Pirates of the Caribbean: At World’s End. Wilenius thrust a fake microphone in his face, and squirted the water.

“She has been questioned and is suspected of having committed a criminal offence,” prosecutor Ronnie Jacobsson told Expressen.

The practical joke was part of a comedy series produced by Strix on behalf of public service channel SVT. The show is based on ‘Balls of Steel’, a programme made by British Channel 4.

“I don’t think it’s criminal to joke with people,” Wilenius told Expressen.