Växjö drama over

A dramatic situation developed in Växjö on Friday afternoon after police witnessed a man falling from the fourth floor of an apartment building.

The National Task Force (Nationella insatsstyrkan), a police special operations unit, was called in to lend its support to police in the southern town after a routine job took a sudden turn.

Earlier in the day, a group of police officers made their way to an apartment in the town to collect a man who was being brought in for questioning in connection with an assault. But just as a couple of officers made their way up to the apartment, a man came tumbling through the air and landed on the ground in front of their colleagues.

“He was taken to Växjö hospital with serious injuries,” said police spokesman Robert Loeffel, who did not know whether the man had fallen or been pushed.

It was later confirmed that the injured man was the same person police had intended to question.

Police soon received information that there may be a group of armed individuals locked inside the apartment. The National Task Force and police units from nearby districts were quickly called in to assist in the operation.

Police sealed off the area around the building and called in a mediator to liaise with the group inside the apartment.

Discussions with the mediator soon brought results: at 3.30pm, two men, three women and three children came out of the apartment.

“They have been taken to the police station for questioning,” said Loeffel.

The police spokesman could not say whether any weapons had been found inside the apartment.