Prison escapee found dead

One of the men who escaped from Håga prison outside of Södertälje last weekend has been found dead.

The 28 year old man was found dead on Wednesday in an apartment in Hälleforsnäs, according to Swedish Radio Stockholm. Police said that the circumstances surrounding the death are suspicious and have begun a murder inquiry.

“Now we’re waiting for the results of the autopsy,” said Tobias Jöhnemark, police spokesman in Sörmland.

Last Saturday the 28 year old man, accompanied by a 22 year old man, escaped from the Håga facility. They climbed over a wall and a perimeter fence and were picked up by a waiting car. During the escape prison staff were threatened by the men.

The 22 year old was arrested on Thursday in Hälleforsnäs.

“He was at his mother’s place,” said Jöhnemark. Shortly after the dramatic escape a car was stopped on the E20 motorway. Three people were taken into custody on suspicion of aiding the escape. One of them was later released but the other two were formally charged on Wednesday.

At the time of their escape, neither of the men had much left of their sentences to serve. They were to be released at the beginning of the autumn.

Håga is a closed jail with 64 places. The prisoners are serving sentences of up to two years, mostly for drugs-related offences.