Reinfeldt promises more tax cuts

Prime Minister Fredrik Reinfeldt has pledged to introduce further tax cuts later this year for people in the low and middle income ranges. While the Moderate Party also wants to abolish Sweden's temporary austerity tax, further income tax reductions top the list of priorities.

“It is our absolute ambition for this to happen as early as the autumn,” said Reinfeldt, speaking at a press conference on Monday to generate publicity for the Moderate Party’s new policy programme.

The majority of elements in the party programme represent a continuation of previous policies but there have been changes with regard to the environment.

The Moderates have previously stated that it “should” be an option for Sweden to develop nuclear power, while the new document states that this “will” be the case.

The party also states more clearly than before the importance of developing more environmentally friendly means of producing energy. The aim is for Sweden’s energy production to become climate neutral to the point that it does not contribute to emissions of greenhouse gases.

Economic incentives are to be prioritized as a means of propelling the move towards a greener society, with emissions trading and tougher legislation to be brought into play if incentives fail to achieve the desired results.