Whale spotted off Swedish coast

A whale has been spotted swimming in the Trosa Archipelago on the east coast of Sweden. A crew of marine researchers were travelling between the islands of Askö and Persö when they spotted the mammal.

“Whales are not very common in the Baltic Sea. They have been seen on a few occasions before but it’s certainly not something that happens every day,” Doctor Hans G. Hansson from Gothenburg University’s Department of Marine Ecology told The Local.

Susann Eriksson and her colleagues from Askö Laboratory, a marine field station belonging to the Stockholm Marine Research Centre, caught a glimpse of the whale close to land at Käftudde.

The seven-metre long mammal then reappeared on several occasions during the course of Sunday morning.

“We were leaving Uttervik jetty when our skipper suddenly saw the whale. We have four researchers with us on the boat, so this is not some tall tale,” Eriksson told Södermanlands Nyheter.

The crew could not say exactly what type of whale they had observed.