Police uncover child pornography ring

Swedish police took in eight people for questioning on Tuesday in connection with suspected involvement in a child pornography ring. Several computers were confiscated during a coordinated operation in Stockholm, Gothenburg, Fagersta and Kristinehamn.

All eight suspects were made aware of the suspicions against them before later being released from police custody.

“Eight suspects does not constitute not a major network. But we know from previous experience that the proportions will swell as soon as we have had time to go through the confiscated computers,” police commissioner Anders Ahlqvist told news agency TT.

According to the commissioner, the suspects are believed to have downloaded child pornographic images and films to their home computers. Some also had pictures on their work computers.

“In at least one case we have reason to believe that the images were spread to others. We will know the extent to which they were spread when we’ve finished going through the computers,” said Ahlqvist.

None of those held for questioning are suspected of abusing any of the children depicted in the images. A number of the suspects have admitted to possession of child pornography.

Tuesday’s operation is unrelated to the child pornography ring recently uncovered in the UK.

The raid is a result of international police cooperation. A reorganization within the Swedish police force has meant that there are now more investigators than before who are specially trained to uncover crimes related to child pornography.