Gröna Lund closes ride after US accident

Stockholm theme park Gröna Lund has closed its popular 'Fritt Fall' drop tower ride after a teenage girl had both her feet sliced off on a similar ride at an amusement park in Kentucky.

Gröna Lund closes ride after US accident
Photo: Anna T

The Fritt Fall ride towers above Stockholm from Gröna Lund, across the water from Stockholm’s Royal Palace. Officials at the theme park said that Fritt Fall was identical to the Superman Tower of Power ride at Six Flags Kentucky Kingdom in Louisville, where the accident happened on Thursday.

In the rides, people are belted into seats before being lifted up an 80-metre tower. They are then dropped at 100 kilometres an hour.

In the accident, a cable broke loose, striking the 13-year-old girl in the legs. It is not yet clear why the cable snapped.

Both the Kentucky ride and the Stockholm attraction were made by Intamin, a Swiss company, according to Associated Press.

“We need to know what caused this. We will not operate until we know,” Gröna Lund’s Peter Osbeck was quoted as saying in Aftonbladet.