Woman dies in Malmö mugging

Police are appealing for witnesses to come forward after a woman died during a mugging in Malmö.

The woman, 48, suffered a fall during the attack and died in hospital.

Police had on Monday night not made any arrests in connection with the incident, but they had compiled a description of the man. Several people witnessed the robbery, which took place on Fosievägen shortly after 7pm on Monday. One of the witnesses alerted the police and ambulance.

According to the witnesses the mugger grabbed the woman to try to steal something from her:

“On this, she fell to the ground and was left lying there,” said Malmö Police’s Hans Bengtsson.

The woman was conscious when the ambulance arrived, but her condition deteriorated quickly. She died later in hospital in Malmö. The cause of death has not yet been ascertained.

Witnesses said the robber did not physically assault the woman, nor did he use a weapon. He ran from the scene following the robbery. Police are currently treating the case as manslaughter.

The scene of the attack is close to a number of apartment blocks, and police were going door-to-door on Monday evening in an attempt to find further witnesses.