Pupils’ tactical choices to be stopped

The government plans to tighten rules in Sweden's schools to stop students choosing easy courses to give their grades a last minute boost.

Many students have boosted their performance by changing to easy courses such as web publishing or special sports courses immediately before they take they graduate from upper secondary (gymnasium) school.

Now the government wants to close the loophole by setting a final deadline to change courses of 1st October in the third and final course year.

“We are tightening up on the most obvious tactical choices in the current school system,” said Schools Minister Jan Björklund to Dagens Nyheter.

“It is currently possible to follow a normal social science programme until a month or so before the final exam, and then to choose a special programme to boost your grades. It should not be possible to choose to abandon important future knowledge to raise your final marks,” Björklund said.

In the current system, pupils are able to choose to make their grades in an easier course count over their grades in a harder course, such as Mathematics.

In the future, however, everything a pupil has studied will be accounted for on his or her transcript.