Metal prompts Scan to recall meat

Metal prompts Scan to recall meat
Meat company Scan has recalled a number of its products after discovering that they may contain traces of metal.

It is thought that small metal pieces may have come loose from processing equipment.

The products in question were packaged at the company’s Skara plant on June 15th, 18th and 19th.

“They may have made it to stores all over Sweden but they have already been removed from the shelves,” spokeswoman Margareta Thorgren told TV4.

The company has said that there is a minor risk that customers could find pieces of metal in the following products: Scan Deli Ytterfilé, Scan Deli Piggham Noisette, Scan Deli Skinkfilé, Scan Grillspjut, Scan Piggham Karré Original and Scan Mammut Steak Classic Grill.

Customers are advised to return the products to stores where they can either replace the goods or ask for a refund.