Wolf killer walks free

Kaj Sjunesson, a sheep farmer from outside Strängnäs in central Sweden, has been cleared of suspicions that he may have broken hunting laws when he shot a runaway wolf in April. The public prosecutor has decided not to proceed with a preliminary investigation.

The young male wolf, Vulko, was one of two wolves that escaped from Kolmården wildlife park in mid-March.

The second wolf, Valle, was discovered one kilometre away from the wildlife park two days after its escape. The animal was put down when staff deemed that they were unable to get close enough to administer an anaesthetic.

Kaj Sjunesson was relieved to hear that he will not now face criminal charges.

“It wasn’t much fun when I woke up the day after shooting the wolf to the news that I risked facing four years in jail. I am very glad that this law works as it does, enabling people to protect their animals,” he told Eskilstuna-Kuriren.

The sheep farmer added that he hoped the prosecutor’s decision would not be interpreted as a licence to shoot wolves at will. He said that he shot the wolf after it had claimed the lives of three of his rams.