Swedes favour domestic holidays

Swedes favour domestic holidays
Photo: Mårten Leo/ Imagebank Sweden
Swedes plan to spend a combined total of 38 billion kronor ($5.4 billion) on their holidays this year, according to a new survey commissioned by Nordea bank.

In general, the survey found that Swedes favour domestic holidays.

Of the 38 billion kronor, 33 billion is spent on holidays in Sweden,” said Nordea economist Ingela Gabrielsson.

According to the survey, 30 percent of Swedes are tempted by Europe and 15 percent by the country’s Nordic neighbours.

The average family sets aside 14,000 kronor for their vacations but three out of four families end up exceeding their budget.

Families in Norrland spend the least amount of money on their holidays, setting themselves a limit of 11,100 kronor.

Their counterparts in Stockholm are far more inclined to empty their pockets, with 17,700 kronor earmarked for holidays.