Tax board tracks down online booze shoppers

The National Tax Board of Sweden (Skateverket) has begun demanding payment from around 6,000 people who failed to pay tax on alcohol purchased over the internet. They will also be faced with a late payment fine of 1,000 kronor ($142) for each order.

Tax board tracks down online booze shoppers

Within the next few days letters labelled ‘regarding alcohol tax’ will be sent out to those who failed to pay the tax, Dagens Nyheter reports.

“We want to show that we can find people who buy alcohol in this way,” Niclas Rönnberg, departmental manager in Ludvika, told the newspaper.

The board tracked down the non-payers by contacting Spanish and German authorities and requesting them to gather order lists from a number of companies selling alcohol online. According to the tax board, people who import alcohol to Sweden without paying taxes can be hit with the fine at any time up to six years after buying the alcohol.