Serious fire at Stockholm gym

Six people have been injured in a serious fire at a gym in central Stockholm at lunchtime on Thursday.

Serious fire at Stockholm gym
Photo: Elizabeth Dacey Fondelius

The fire at the Energiverket gym in the Hornstull area of the city was under control at 1:30pm. Fire officers had feared that gym users were trapped in the premises, but everyone was eventually evacuated safely. A cause of the fire has not yet been formally identified, but witnesses report it starting in a solarium.

Of the six people taken to hospital, two are firefighters. None of the six are believed to have been seriously injured. The firemen are suffering from burns, while others have cuts and grazes.

Four blocks around the gym were evacuated and sealed off following the blaze. Police warned householders to stay indoors, saying that smoke from the fire was poisonous.

Smoke escaped into a PressbyrÄn store in the neighbouring T-bana metro station. The smoke was reportedly spread through a ventilation system.

Johan Bergman, who was working out at Energiverket when the fire started, said that around thirty people were in the gym at the time. He explained what happened to news agency TT:

“The fire alarm went off and we noticed smoke. I think a solarium had started to burn. When we were on our way out the electricity cut out and it went dark,” Bergman said.

“When the firefighters went it it exploded. The firefighters fled again,” Bergman said.

Clas Parmland lives next door to building where the fire started. At 3pm he was still not being allowed back inside.

“I’m locked out until the fire brigade say I can go home. I don’t have anywhere to go, but I am OK for a day or so, he said.”

“They say there was an explosion but I never heard one. I saw smoke climbing up past my window. I tried to call the record shop across the street to ask what they could see but then my phone wouldn’t work. My internet went out and my cable TV too.”

“When they told me I had to evacuate it made me really think about what are the things I would want to save, music I could replace. I decided it was my guitars and maybe my photos from my trip to Hawaii.”