Teenagers torture 12-year-old girl

A 12-year girl form Luleå in northern Sweden is recovering from shock after she was assaulted on Tuesday afternoon by three teenagers.

The girl’s mother has reported the matter to the police who plan to question the suspects on Friday before a public prosecutor decides whether to press charges.

The girl says that she was approached two girls she knew slightly from a housing estate near her own, who said they wanted to talk to her.

Though skeptical of their motives, the 12-year-old left the Strand shopping centre with the two girl, who soon began pushing her and showering her with insults. She was then taken to a multi-storey carpark adjacent to Åhlens department store, newspaper Norrländska Socialdemokraten reports.

There the two girls are alleged to have struck the 12-year-old, spat at her, ripped off her earrings and burned her on the head and chest with a cigarette. They also threatened to stab her to death if she told anybody about her ordeal.

The girl’s mother is upset that nobody intervened to help her daughter despite the fact that the events lasted for two hours and there were a large number of witnesses.

“The only person who cared was a security guard who saw that my girl was on her knees crying at Åhlens carpark. He asked how she was and if he should call the police.

“But because the gang was standing nearby and had already threatened her, she didn’t dare say anything,” she told Norrländska Socialdemokraten.

The girls were then joined by a boy, who is reported to have filmed the 12-year-old. She was ordered out onto the street and told to sit down in the doorway of a house near the water at Norra Hamnen, where the girls told her they would take her for a “swim”.

According to the 12-year-old, the boy continued filming as she begged them to leave her alone. Again the girls hit her, spat at her and called her names. The boy told her to smile at the camera.

When her assailants eventually left her on her own, she managed to make her way to a restaurant and call a friend.

“She is very upset and scared,” said her mother.

“She flinches at the slightest sound, has constant headaches and a pain in her back. The cigarette burns are painful and the doctor says that they will leave permanent scars,” she added.

Police were refusing to comment on Friday morning on the details of the alleged assault and could not confirm that the events had been filmed.