Dead camel mystery solved

The mystery of the roadside camel has now been solved. Police have ruled out any criminal intent after an unidentified dromedary was found lying dead on the side of the E22 motorway in southern Sweden in the early hours of Monday morning.

Dead camel mystery solved

Police were skeptical to say the least when they were initially informed that a camel had been spotted lying lifeless at the side of the road outside Karlskrona.

“But when a unit arrived it turned out to be absolutely true,” said police spokesman Lars Lindwall.

At first, police suspected that the owner simply dumped the body after discovering that the animal had died. But as the day wore on an explanation proved forthcoming.

The camel, which went by the name Chamellen, was about to be sold and handed over to its new owner. But somehow the animal kicked open the door of its transport box and injured a leg.

Realizing that something was not quite right, the driver pulled over and went to check on the camel. A vet was called to the scene and quickly decided to put the animal down.

The 500 kilo camel was then left in the ditch to await transportation.

“It’s actually quite a tragic story,” said Chamellen’s owner Bengt Elingsson, who has been breeding camels on the island of Öland since 1991.

Camels can live up to the age of 40 and are, according to Erlingsson, somewhat philosphical beasts. They are also friendly and smell quite nice.