German giant gulps Swedish juice firm

German drinks maker Eckes-Granini has bought Swedish company Brämhults juice for an undisclosed fee.

The sale was completed by Mellby Gård Industri, the company that has owned Brämhults since 1999.

Eckes-Granini is a major industry player with an established presence in 20 European markets, which do not however include the Scandinavian markets. It is best known for the products Granini and Hohes C.

Last year the company had a turnover of €808 million and an operating profit of €37 million.

“Our aim is to increase the profitability and value of Eckes-Granini by investing in strong trademarks. Brämhults fits our strategy and philosophy perfectly,” said Thomas Hinderer, managing director of Eckes Granini, in a statement.

Brämhults, which produces freshly squeezed refrigerated juices, has 60 employees and a turnover during the last financial year of 255 million kronor (€27 million).

The new owners have pledged to invest 50 million kronor to increase capacity at the company’s plant at Brämhult in western Sweden, Fri Köpenskap reports.