Victoria at 30: “I feel no pressure”

The paper flags are being unfurled, the champagne is on ice and excitement is building: on July 14th Crown Princess Victoria turns 30 and a celebration on a grand scale is planned.

Victoria at 30:
Photo © OECD/David Sterboul

On the day fun will start in Stockholm and then move to the royal family’s home in Öland.

But despite having Sweden’s most high-profile birthday party in years, Victoria has said that she is not about to have a thirty-something crisis. She feels no pressure to “get a job and start a family”, she told news agency TT in an interview.

Since Victoria was nine years old she has been paired up – in public speculation, at least – with different princes from Europe’s royal families. Today her boyfriend, Daniel Westling , runs a gym.

But Victoria lives alone in a house in the grounds of Drottningholm Palace – and there are no plans for an engagement.

“It will happen when it happens,” said Victoria.

“I’m not in a rush but I hope it will happen at some point.”

Putting aside relationship matters, Victoria said that she is keen to get more involved in environmental and climate issues.

“Integration is another big and important issue, as are the crises and conflicts caused by ethnic, cultural and economic tensions in the world,” said the Crown Princess.