Man denied gun licence ‘because of friends’

You're only as good as the company you keep: that's the philosophy that scuppered a Gothenburg man's application for a weapons licence.

The 39-year-old man loves to hunt and has taken his hunting exam but he won’t be allowed to own a weapon. The reason is that Sweden’s security police, Säpo , suspects “people around him” of terror offences, reported Punkt SE.

The man was introduced to hunting through friends and took his exam in Gothenburg in 2004. Everyone else on the course has since been awarded a weapons licence but the 39-year-old was rejected.

The explanation he received was that the security police were investigating people in his social circle who were suspected of terrorism .

An appeal lodged at the district court was also rejected, and the administrative court of appeal also followed Säpo’s recommendation and refused the application.

Säpo has declined to reveal who is being kept under surveillance. Neither the man, his lawyer or the courts have been given any details of the suspicions or who they concern.