Sweden tops ‘responsible competitiveness’ league

Sweden is the world's most 'responsibly competitive' nation, according to a report released on Friday by the London-based think tank, AccountAbility.

Sweden tops 'responsible competitiveness' league
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The other Nordic countries were also in the top ten, where they were joined by the UK, New Zealand, Ireland, Australia and Canada.

The report, which the authors describe as “a unique health check on responsible globalization “, ranked countries on a range of factors, such as whether they had ratified international agreements on the environment and workers’ rights.

Among the factors which were used to assess countries’ progress in advancing responsible business practices were carbon dioxide emissions, citizens’ rights, accounting standards, corruption perception and other social measures.

“The good news is that countries can compete responsibly and be successful, so long as Governments and policy makers put in place the right frameworks,” AccountAbility CEO Dr. Simon Zadek.

“There needn’t be a conflict between compassion and competitiveness. Sweden is a shining example of this.”

The report was release on Friday at the UN Global Compact Leaders Summit, involving hundreds of chief executives, several heads of state, and more than 40 government ministers.