Woman found dead in flooded car

A woman was found dead on Friday morning in a water-filled car outside Ödåkra, 10km north of Helsingborg . The car was on a sliproad leading to the E4 motorway.

Drivers on the motorway called the emergency services to report that a car was stationary on the road and was almost entirely under water.

Just the top 30 centimetres of the car was visible above the water level, according to Mikael Persson at Skåne police.

The car was in an area that has been drenched by heavy rainfall in the last few days, and more rain is expected in Skåne on Friday. The Swedish Meteorological and Hydrological Institute (SMHI) warned that there could be a further 20-30 millimetres.

On Friday morning the weather situation was calmer compared to Thursday, when SOS Alarm was swamped by calls from homeowners whose properties were flooded.

Skåne’s public transport network is suffering due to flooded roads. Services are worst-hit in around Malmö where all bus routes between Malmö and Lund are affected. In many areas bus drivers are having to use their own initiative to find a way around the flooding.

Parts of several main roads remain closed, including the inner and outer ringroads in Malmö.