Foul play suspected after explosion at holiday home

A powerful explosion occurred in the early hours of Friday morning at a holiday home in Södersvik, 80 kilometres north of Stockholm.

Police have said that half the house was destroyed in the blast. The home was unoccupied at the time and there have been no reports of any injuries.

Police have sealed off the area around the house following suspicions of criminal intent.

“A person was spotted jumping into a car and leaving the scene,” police spokesman Anders Olsson told news agency TT.

The holiday home, owned by community association Lågarö Byamän, had been rented out by new tenants who were due to move in this Saturday. Police have not yet been able to identify a connection between the new tenants and the timing of the explosion.

The owners of the house, who live nearby, were said to be in serious shock after hearing of the incident. They told police that there were no materials inside the property that could provide a natural explanation for the explosion.

Police are hoping to be aided in their investigation by a forensic analysis due to be carried out on Friday.