Skåne flooding subsides

Skåne flooding subsides
Photo: Jacob Rask
In just one day there was as much rain as Skåne would expect in an entire month. But during the night the region finally began to dry out, offering a glimpse of relief to drivers and homeowners who have faced days of flooding.

“The water level has subsided,” said Hans Kjaersgaard at Skåne police on Saturday morning.

Only one accident was reported overnight and it was unclear whether that, a crash on the E22 between Malmö and Lund, was related to the weather conditions in southern Sweden.

The emergency services in the rain-washed areas also enjoyed some respite. SOS Alarm reported very few call-outs overnight.

“This has been an extremely calm night,” said operations manager Mattias Nilsson.

According to Hans Kjaersgaard the widescale flooding which hit Malmö was old news on Saturday morning.

“From the information I have, it has basically subsided,” he said.

The Swedish Road Administration (Vägverket) nevertheless urged the public to continue to be cautious on the roads in the region. Many road sections are still closed due to high water levels. There is reduced access on the E6 outside Landskrona and Ängelholm.

Skåne residents, who are unused to experiencing 85 millimetres of rain on a single June day, can now look forward to a drier period. According to the Swedish Meteorological and Hydrological Institute’s forecast, little or no rain is expected in the region over the next five days.