Many Swedes read work e-mail during summer holidays

With one in three Swedes planning to check their work e-mail while on vacation, the dividing line between work and holidays is become ever more fuzzy.

A study carried out on behalf of Svenska Dagbladet has found that many Swedes are aim to take advantage of technological advances making it easier to get online from any location.

In a survey of 620 people, pollster Sifo asked respondents whether they intended to read work-related e-mails during their summer holidays. Just over a third, 36 percent, said that they planned to do so, with 62 percent preferring to remain logged out for the duration.

People who had completed some form of third level education were split down the middle – 49 percent intended checking their inbox, a further 49 percent had no intention of doing so, and 2 percent were unsure.