Sweden to introduce booze warning labels

The Swedish Brewers Association has decided to place warning labels on all cans and bottles of beer, cider and other drinks with an alcohol volume of over 2.25 percent.

Sweden to introduce booze warning labels
Photo: Sveriges Bryggerier

A majority of member companies have already indicated that they intend putting the decision into practice.

The messages to be displayed on the labels are: ‘Under 18? Avoid alcohol’, ‘Pregnant? Avoid alcohol’, ‘Driving? Avoid alcohol’, and ‘At work? Avoid alcohol’.

“We hope that our simple informational texts will gently encourage consumers to refrain from drinking alcohol on occasions when they should instead opt for an alcohol free alternative,” said Peter Matsson, CEO of the Swedish Brewers Association, in a statement.

The new labels are to be introduced gradually over the course of the coming autumn.