Police turn to web search in child porn fight

The Swedish police has joined forces with image search company Picsearch as part of its fight against child pornography on the internet.

The National Criminal Investigation Department (Rikskriminalpolisen) hopes that by using Picsearch it will be able to track down and block web sites containing pictures of child pornogrpahy that would not be found by ordinary search engines.

“By incorporating the list of child pornography websites within the Picsearch search services, which contain over 1.7 billion images, we can prevent the user from finding images of abused children,” said Stefan Kronqvist, head of the police’s IT crimes unit.

“This will lead to a decrease in the number of new visitors to child pornography websites.”

The Swedish police has already created a blacklist with internet addresses where child pornography has been hosted. This will be regularly updated and according to Picsearch, all indexed pages matching the list from the police will be deleted from the searchable databases, decreasing the risk for end-users to find child pornography.

The company said that the work done by the police in Sweden will be implemented in all search engines using Picsearch technology around the world. The project will be fully underway in August.