Iraqi refugee to appeal controversial ruling

The Swedish Migration Board's controversial decision to send Iraqi refugees back to their homeland is to be appealed by one of the two asylum seekers at the centre of the high profile case.

Last week’s ruling could lead to thousands of Iraqis being sent back to the troubled southern and central parts of their homeland, including the capital Baghdad.

Under the new guidelines, refugees must be able to show that there is a specific threat against them if they are to be considered eligible for a permanent residence permit.

The head of the Migration Board, Dan Eliasson, based his decision on the Migration Court of Appeal’s assessment that Iraq is not currently involved in an armed conflict.

The appellant’s lawyer, Bengt Nergård, was keen to underline the importance of the case.

“In my view a decision of this nature will set a precedent and should be subjected to further scrutiny in the migration courts,” he told Sveriges Radio.