33 year old shot dead in Gothenburg

A 33 year old man was shot dead in Gothenburg early on Monday morning. Police say they do not yet have a suspect for the murder but are gathering evidence.

Police were alerted to the shooting at around 1.30am. Officers have cordoned off an area around an apartment near Kortedala sqaure in eastern Gothenburg and forensic investigations were underway on Monday morning.

“We have secured certain evidence at the scene,” said detective Steve Johansson.

He declined to reveal more specific details about the evidence. By 7.30am police still had no suspect for the crime, which has been classified as murder.

“We are continuing with our search and are knocking on doors in the area,” said Steve Johansson.

The victim, who was previously known to police, was shot several times in the throat. He was a resident in the Kortedala apartment block.

“We are assuming that the crime took place somewhere on the street and that he got himself up to his own apartment after having been shot,” said Gothenburg police spokesman Thomas Fuxborg.