Kirchsteiger defects to TV4

One of SVT's most popular presenters, Ernst Kirchsteiger, has defected to commercial rival TV4.

Kirchsteiger defects to TV4
Photo: Alexander von Sydow/ SVT

Kirchsteiger is best known for presenting home makeover shows Sommartorpet and Nya Rum. Equally happy sewing as sawing, he is perhaps best-known for presenting while walking around barefoot. TV4 has recruited him to work on an antique auction programme.

“It’s going to be exciting and fun, as I have been a collector and an auction person my whole life, so this feels completely right,” Kirchsteiger said in a statement issued by TV4.

“It’s been quite a long process,” he told media industry magazine Resumé.

“SVT indicated that they would really like me to stay. But as I approach 50 it feels exciting to try something new. Still, I have really debated with myself what I should do.” He said that his pay offer from TV4 was a part of the reason for his decision to move, but was “far from being decisive.”

SVT’s director of programming, Annie Wegelius, told Resumé that the public service channel could not engage in a bidding war to hold on to presenters.

“TV4 has a huge amount of money. We can’t use licence money to outbid during negotiations.”