Journalists face police action for getting close to palace

Two journalists from tabloid Aftonbladet have been reported to the police after their boat allegedly crossed into an exclusion zone outside the Swedish royal family's summer palace on Öland, southern Sweden, on Sunday.

“Breaking the law on exclusion zones can give fines or up to one year’s imprisonment,” said Doris Högne Rydheim of the Swedish Security Police (Säpo), the organization responsible for royal security.

The royal family’s bodyguards confronted the journalists at the royal residence Solliden on Sunday. The journalists were waiting in a boat in the sea outside the house, waiting to snap the royals on the day after Crown Princess Victoria’s birthday. Säpo officials claim that the bodyguards repeatedly tried to communicate with the journalists, but did not succeed in getting them to pull back.

Aftonbladet denies its journalists did anything wrong.

“I have been given a detailed account by the journalists. They have never been anywhere near the exclusion zone,” said Aftonbladet information director Olof Brundin.

The case has now been passed on to police in Kalmar.

“If a prosecutor takes an interest in this then we will have to resolve it in a courtroom,” said Brundin.

Exclusion zones are set up to protect important official buildings, including parliament, government offices and royal residences. The size of the zone is set by the county administrative board in the relevant area.