Prisoner escapes after visiting newborn baby

A 23-year-old prisoner escaped on Tuesday while on a supervised visit to see his newborn child at a maternity ward in Södertälje.

The man managed to slip away from his guards after the visit. He is serving a one and a half year-sentence at Storboda jail in Sigtuna, a secure prison, after being found guilty of serious theft.

After becoming a father a few days ago he was given permission to visit his new baby at Södertälje hospital. The visit was supervised by prison officers.

“When he came out after the visit he ran away from the prison staff who were with him and jumped into a waiting car. The staff couldn’t stop him,” said Elisabeth Malmqvist, acting head of prison services in the north Stockholm region.

Malmqvist was alerted to the incident just before noon on Tuesday.

“He is wanted and police are looking for him. But he is not considered to pose a danger to the general public. He was not found guilty of a violent crime,” she said.