Sweden more popular with tourists

The number of foreign tourists in Sweden is continuing to rise, bringing revenue both to Swedish businesses and to the state. Visitors from outside the Nordic region resulted in 3.4 billion kronor ($500 million) of extra revenue to the state in June.

The first six months of the year saw non-Nordic visitors contribute 33.3 billion kronor to state coffers, according to the Arlanda Index, published by airport operator LFV.

“Of every hundred kronor spent, 45 kronor goes directly to the state,” said Eva Hedenström, CEO of Förtur, the association for Swedish tourism.

The number of people employed in tourism was 153,000 in June, up 1,500 on June last year. The number of non-Nordic guest nights in Sweden is expected to rise by 136,000 this year compared with last year. This is expected to result in a further 3,600 jobs being created in the tourist industry during the second half of the year, according to the Arlanda Index.

The survey also showed that people in the Nordic countries are developing more continental holidaying habits.

“People in the Nordic countries seem to be cutting down on holidays in July and increasing the amount of holiday they take in August,” said consultant Christer Hanefalk, who worked on the Arlanda Index. Swedes traditionally take holiday between Midsummer, in late June, and the end of July.