Youths save boy from killer fire

A 27-year-old woman has died after a fire in a row of houses in Filipstad, 300 kilometres west of Stockholm. Her 3-year old son was rescued by a group of young people from a nearby asylum centre.

The fire started in a row of eight terraced houses in the town. The woman was in a corner apartment, where the fire started. Her three-year-old son was able to get out onto the balcony, from where he was rescued by a group of young people.

“They were young people from the immigration centre across the road. They took themselves two floors up onto the balcony by climbing up the facade. The child was on the balcony and made himself known,” said emergency services chief Per Modin

Modin said the young people saved the boy’s life:

“The apartment was completely ablaze and flames were coming out of the windows.”

The fire completely destroyed four apartments, but nobody else was injured. All the apartments in the block have been evacuated, and residents are being taken care of by the local authority. The fire was reported on Saturday morning to be under control.