Gang war killings: prosecutor demands life

Prosecutors are to appeal the sentence of a man convicted of murdering two Vietnamese refugees in Gothenburg last year. The 31-year-old man was sentenced to 12 years for the murders, which were the result of a feud between two rival Vietnamese gangs in the region.

The convicted man has said he will not appeal, but prosecutor Göran Hansson has previously said he wants him to serve a life sentence.

The two victims were shot around twenty times with an automatic weapon in an apartment in the Hammarkullen area of Gothenburg.

Prosecutors are also appealing the acquittal of three men and a woman, who had been charged with being accessories to the murder and sheltering a criminal. Hansson will also appeal the six-month sentence passed down on a 48-year-old man convicted of sheltering a criminal.

Those convicted have until Friday to submit appeals.