‘Police employee behind race attack’

Photos of new police recruits in Stockholm have been vandalised in what appears to be a racist attack.

Since only officers and civilian support workers have access to the City station, police suspect that the vandal was one of their own.

At the City police station in Stockholm photographs of all new officers are stuck up on a noticeboard as a welcoming gesture. But four of the pictures, all of new recruits with immigrant backgrounds or with foreign-sounding names, have been crossed out with a marker pen, reported Radio Stockholm.

“Right now I have no idea who did this or why,” said Kristin Sylten Henriksson, acting head of Norrmalm police.

“It’s not only Norrmalm police officers who have access to the premises,” she added.

But Sylten Henriksson acknowledged that someone involved in police work must have scribbled on the photos.

“It’s absolutely unacceptable. Many on the staff have reacted and think it’s sad, especially as we are working against these sorts of tendencies out in the community. We’re going to have a discussion about this.”

The City police department has written to the police’s internal investigation office about the matter, but by Monday afternoon no official report had been filed.

While the incident has not yet been classified as a crime, the most appropriate category would be agitation against an ethnic group, according to Kristin Sylten Henriksson.

“It’s hard to know who has done this. Maybe it won’t be possible to find out,” she said.

The recruits who were targeted for the graffiti have been contacted by employer representatives and informed of the situation.

“I hope that they feel that they are being taken care of in other respects, so that this doesn’t take over everything. But I can’t say how they’ve reacted because I personally haven’t been in contact with them,” said Sylten Henriksson.