Congestion charge means costlier taxis

Taxi journeys in Stockholm might already seem expensive, but the reintroduction of the city's congestion charge is about to make them even more costly.

Congestion charge means costlier taxis
Photo: Mr Austin Frothingslosh

Unlike during last year’s trials, taxi operators will not be exempted from the charge when it is made permanent in August. The three largest taxi companies have therefore said they will increase their charges to customers, reports Svenska Dagbladet.

Taxi Kurir has said the cost of a 10 kilometre journey that takes 15 minutes will rise from 194 kronor to 204 kronor. Taxi Stockholm and Taxi 020 have also said that charges will rise.

The price rise will not affect passengers in so-called ‘green’ cars operated by Taxi 020. These are exempted from the charge, which in Sweden is technically a tax. Other operators have said there will be a uniform price for all their taxis.