King confesses to supporting rival football club

He's an honorary director and official "protector" of top Stockholm football club AIK, but King Carl XVI Gustaf looks set to anger fans after he revealed that he has always secretly supported arch-rivals Djurgården.

The king’s unexpected revelation came in an interview with newspaper KalmarPosten. When the local paper asked why the king was an AIK supporter, he replied.

“That’s not the case. I grant you that we Bernadottes are born into the Solna club, but between you and me I can say that I cheer for Djurgården.”

Both AIK and Djurgården are based in the Stockholm region, and as such are arch rivals. Derby matches between the two clubs often lead to tension on the streets of the capital.

As for his own sporting prowess, the king admits that he hasn’t got an eye for the ball, preferring more blue-blooded pursuits.

“Fencing is really my favourite sport, and I did a lot of it when I was at school in Sigtuna,” he said.