Working class children’s injuries ‘worth less’

Children from working class homes who are injured in traffic accidents and are judged unable to work receive up to 100,000 kronor ($14,000) less in damages than children from middle class homes with similar injuries.

The findings come in a study from Gothenburg University. The author of the study, Caterina Franceschi, said that the state-run Road Injuries Compensation Board (Trafiksakenämnden), calculated children’s future loss of income through the prism of class.

In a number of cases cited in the study, the size of damages paid out to children was calculated on the basis of their parents’ education.

“This is old-fashioned, insulting and goes against parliament’s intentions. The law must be changed to introduce a model for set compensation rates,” Franceschi writes in Tuesday’s Dagens Nyheter.

Franceschi said that while set compensation rates were controversial, they were more just and more predictable for those injured and for insurance companies.