Bush: Reinfeldt’s present ‘is a real beauty’

"It is a real beauty" - that's President George W. Bush's verdict on the brush cutter he was given by Fredrik Reinfeldt during the Swedish Prime Minister's visit to the White House.

Bush: Reinfeldt's present 'is a real beauty'
Photo: Eric Draper

In a letter dated June 18th and released to journalists on Wednesday, Bush tells Reinfeldt that he has already put the brush cutter to use on his Texas ranch following the prime minister’s visit in May.

“Dear Fredrik: I was honored to welcome you to the Oval Office,” the president writes.

Reinfeldt was slammed by opposition politicians at home for not using the meeting to criticize US policy on questions such as Iraq. In his letter, however, the president thanks the prime minister “for the candid discussion about issues facing both of our nations.”

“I appreciate your strong leadership, and I share your optimism about the future of world trade and alternative energy sources.”

“The American people are grateful for our strong ties with the citizens of Sweden,” the letter continues. “Together, we can expand peace, prosperity and freedom throughout the world.”