Man killed ‘for telling vandals to stop’

A 23-year-old man is to be prosecuted for on suspicion of deliberately running over and killing a man who told him to stop vandalizing a parking spot on a road in Alafors, about 25 kilometres north of Gothenburg.

The man is suspected of murder, with alternative charges of serious assault or manslaughter.

The incident happened in May. The victim, 26, told a group at the parking spot to stop vandalizing the place. The suspect then allegedly jumped in his car and ran over the 26-year-old.

“It is very tragic that such a banal argument can lead to someone losing their life,” said deputy chief prosecutor Daniel Edsbagge to Sveriges Radio.

Prosecutors are calling on the court to sentence the 23-year old to ten years or life in jail for murder.

“If you run somebody over with such a big, heavy car, and drive as fast as he did, then you should expect the person to die. He did this anyway, and I therefore argue that he intended to kill him,” said Edsbagge.