Småland bank robbed at gunpoint

Eyewitnesses have reported an explosion during a bank robbery in southern Sweden on Friday morning. Four armed and masked men robbed a Swedbank branch in Sävsjö, 210 kilometres south-east of Gothenburg, just after 9am.

Police were at midday on Friday neither confirming nor denying or confirming reports in local media that the robbers had used explosives to enter the bank.

“I cannot give any information about that, but that doesn’t mean that we don’t know anything about it. What I can say is that there is damage to the bank premises,” said Mikael Ehne of Jönköping police.

Several staff were in the bank when it was robbed, although no customers were present. The armed men threatened the employees with guns, and witnesses say that shots were fired. No staff members were reported to have been physically injured, although a number were reported to be shocked.

“They were also armed with guns, although I don’t know whether these were pistols or automatic weapons. But they had visible guns,” said Per-Anders Lindström, Swedbank’s security manager for southern Sweden.

The robbers made away in a stolen silver Volvo V40. Police have sealed off a number of roads in the area, local media report.

It is currently not known whether the robbers made away with any money. Around 40 police officers had been deployed on Friday morning to track down the robbers and collect witness statements.