Swedish patent applications on the rise in US

New statistics have shown that Swedish companies registered more patent applications in the United States last year than in Sweden.

Awapatet, a firm specializing in intellectual property rights, cites figures from the US Patent and Trademark Office which show that Swedish companies applied for 2,860 patents last year. The equivalent total for patents sought by Swedish firms in Sweden was 2,439.

The number of applications in Sweden has dipped dramatically in recent years, but never before have there been fewer than in the US.

According to Fabian Edlund, a consultant at Awapatent, this shows that the internationalization of Swedish technology firms has rendered the domestic market less important.

Last year’s figures have little in common with statistics posted at the beginning of the decade, when the IT crash led to a sharp drop in number of patent applications registered in the US by Swedish firms.

Also in 2006, Europe and the United States overtook Sweden in terms of the number of patent applications registered in Sweden.