Sweden profits from public urination

Public urination is fast becoming something of a cash cow for Sweden, garnishing the state coffers with 1.8 million kronor ($264,000) so far this year.

Sweden profits from public urination
Photo: Michell Zappa

Though fines for peeing in public were increased from 500 kronor to 800 kronor last October, this does not appear to have had any dampening effect on the practice, Metro reports.

This year’s crop of outdoors types are well on the way to smashing last year’s record of 3,328. Figures for the first seven months of 2007 show that 2,252 people have already been find for public peeing this year.

This can be compared to 2002, when police dished out a mere 900 fines for the same crime.

Members of the general public were most likely to be caught short in Västra Götaland, Stockholm and Östergötland. A large police presence, rather than peer presure, is thought to be behind the higher number of fines in these regions.